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About Us

About Dear IT  

Dear It  is always dedicated to present best IT products & service our Customers. Get professional & reliable laptop repair services in Dhaka. We are the Authorize sells partner of Imou All product like. Wi-Fi Camera, IP Camera, Sd Card, Many More.

The Main Goal and Aim  

Dear It is here to help you with all your technology needs and aim to provide best quality services according to the requirements of our customers and full customer satisfaction, desires. Dara Tech wants to see the customer happiness and satisfaction by providing them with their desired products. Our main focus is on the customers. We keep records on what our customers want, and try our best to bring exact things to them. We are providing our customers with a online order and delivery system so that they can order online and receive their products from their area. They do not have to travel long distances to get their desired product.


We are a Technology product seller. We provide best quality products at the most reasonable price. We have lots of products that customers can order. Our products are Desktop PC, Laptop, Gaming PC, UPS, PC, Monitors, Office Equipment, Security Cameras, Computer Accessories and many more. Every Single product is checked and reviewed before it is sold to customers.

Best-Selling Brands  

We have many best selling brands. These brands are Intel, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Hp, Gigabyte, A4 Tech, Logi Tech, Hik vision, Samsung and many more. You will be able to get the latest updated products and service facilities. We are committed to provide best after-sales service. If any trouble occurs with these brand products, we will be able to solve it very easily. After fixing the problem you will be able to get the product just like if it is still new. These Brand Products are very high quality that provides the best service. We ensure that customers are getting the best quality product. Customers can freely buy our products without thinking twice about what you are buying. Customers can justify product price and quality with others. We ensure that our customers are satisfied with our product and the pricing.

Corporate Sector  

We have also been working with Corporate Customers from the beginning of Dara Tech. We are working with many well-known offices and have a very good relationship. Dara Tech worked with many corporate offices like the Banks, Hospitals, Government organizations, Multi-National Companies. We provide them top class support and facilities. We provide all IT-related hardware products like network-based products and routers, laptops, desktops, printers, and other related hardware accessories.

Customer Satisfaction  

We have been in the market for a long time, and we know what the customers actually want. We helped our customers so that they can get what they want. We are improving more and more to provide our customers dreamed products. We are providing online buying opportunities for our customers, and providing delivery service for all of our products all over Bangladesh. Best after sells customer support provided with the best solutions for their problems.